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8 Camera live streaming
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Time Keeping

Competition Time Keeping
RFID Chip Tracking
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Camera director
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Our evolution

My grandfather was born


Russian engineer and professional photographer

The first photo studio


Developing and printing our films


The first wedding photographed by our studio


Our first 16mm film movie camera


Our first hand made photo lens – 1200mm


My father was born


Electrotechnician, professional photographer and videographer

Our second studio was launched


I was born




The first digital video camera of our studio – BETA


The first digital photo camera of our studio


The first FullFrame Camera of our studio – Canon 5D


The first livestream of our studio


Two 3D FullHD Cameras for our studio


Our studios first three 4K cameras


Voigtländer f0,95 for all our 4K Cameras


Balkan Equestrian Championship


Mondial FIL – Bob Louge competition

Photo – Marian Negotei

26 Countries in the competition, 8 camera video livestream

Herneacova International Jumping


4 Camera livestreaming on Facebook, YouTube, video wall and displays of the venue.


You can reach us at our phone numbers in the following countries:
UK: +44 20 8133 3415
RO: +40 786 044 044
USA: +1 (518) 663-3303
Switzerland: +41 33 533 33 07

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Live, prejmer, brasov, fer, direct

Herneacova International Jumping Live

Here you can watch live the Herneacova International Horse Jumping competition from Romania. Thank you for sharing and watching! Arhiva Domeniul Herneacova – Herneacova International Jumping – LiveStreaming – Arhiva filmare   Ziua 1 – 13 Septembrie 2017 Ziua 2 – 14 Septembrie 2017 Ziua 3 – 15 Septembrie 2017 Ziua 4 – 16 Septembrie […]

Aero Squash Baneasa

Clubul de squash “AeroSquash” din Bucuresti detine, la ora actuala o locatie noua, AeroSquash Baneasa, in zona complexului comercial Baneasa (in zona de Nord a Bucurestiului).   Prezentare (2 minute) Filmare integrala (11 minute) Comments

Yofi Hair Academy – Olga Vintaniuc si Francisca Andreea Dulceanu

Yofi Hair Academy – O zi alaturi de Olga Vintaniuc si Francisca Andreea Dulceanu cu tratamentele speciale pe care le au cei de la Kava Kava Comments

Aura Radu – Creator of Desire

Aura Radu – Creator of desire Aura Radu – 2 Descarcare versiunea 2 – Download – Click dreapta save as…     Comments

Live, prejmer, brasov, fer, direct

Transmisiuni LIVE – proiectul PROEDUS

PROEDUS demareaza un nou proiect multimedia! Transmisiuni LIVE de la cele mai importante evenimente organizate de Primaria Municipiului Bucuresti, prin Centrul de Proiecte Educationale si Sportive¬† Bucuresti. Actiune, dialog, comentarii , pareri, interviuri si cele mai bune imagini realizate cu si pentru elevii bucuresteni, in direct de la fata locului, pe pagina de facebook Scoala […]

#specialevening #wonderfulpeople #LOVEOURJOB! #RomanianFashionPhilosophy #mineli #mineliboutique

Mineli Boutique – #RomanianFashionPhilosophy #mineli

#clarailie #clarapr #specialevening #wonderfulpeople #LOVEOURJOB! #RomanianFashionPhilosophy #mineli #mineliboutique Comments

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You can reach us at our phone numbers in the following countries:
UK: +44 20 8133 3415
RO: +40 786 044 044
USA: +1 (518) 663-3303
Switzerland: +41 33 533 33 07