Image studio with 78 years of tradition

Image studio with 78 years of tradition
We as a media studio doing weddings with an image tradition teached from generation to generation for more than 78 years are bringin to London – United Kingdom image secrets well tought from the start of capturing image on silver plates.

Your materials on time or the money back!

Also with this history comes a big responsability and also a duty to adapt to curent market condition and requests, this is why our package include from the start both photography and also cinematic videography.

In this time of digital age we are trying to bring back our unique style of post-production and unique style of capturing the events, puting all on the emotional side of the story, also capturing it in a jurnalistic style of a situation, just letting it be captured and involving as little as possible with directing it.

Printed canvas on the spot

We saw that not adapting is a mistake so we have now the latest technology of production, 4K or 3D video, RAW shooting, live streaming in 8 cameras, drones, photobooths, producing our own big prints, making engraved products and also helping companies with presenting their products in the best way.

Final edit in the morning

We invested so much in our equipment that we have a production van where we edit real time the material and we give at the end of the event the final film to the customer.

Having this speed of work is a must in this digital age, also for this to happen we have also the latest in edit technology from Apple.